A short walk down a long hall.

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  • Cool.

  • Cool link. I find these short little tracks very interesting so I found that particularly inspiring. Maybe I'll do a sequel to try and capture the feeling of passing into the next room.

    Thanks again for the comments :)

  • This is a cool track. I get the curious feel from the music

  • This track is very reminiscent of the soundtrack of Mass Effect. Its futuristic and nostalgic

  • Thanks for the kind words, freddy. It's nice to know that what I got out of the track is very similar to what you got out of it as well. That's exactly what I was trying to convey with these sounds.

  • Thanks everyone :) I suppose it is kinda cinematic.

  • BEAUTIFUL!!! :) I absolutely love this....... it feels like a intro to something so grande..

  • welcome back my friend - nice one !!

  • Thanks. It seems a little soupy but I'll mess with the volumes later and I'm happy to be messing around in AT again.

  • This music too is so cool.

  • Yeaaa !