!!!!!!!!!!!!!~FOR BASS WEAR HEADPHONES~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey guys,

so we my lil bro got a bunch of different sound tracks for Halo 3 and 4 and stuff. So I'm listening to them and I find this song.


Best climatic Battle Music Ever...the original is really good...compared to mine its way better because they have an actual orchestra with trumpets and strings and flutes and... I don't.

It is not exactly like the orignial at all...hence "Remix" my favorite parts are in here and i hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

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^^^^^^^^^^^^^THAT IS THE LINK TO THE ORIGNAL SO YOU CAN COMPARE!!! woo...their's is way better so..

I was really scared to do this because this song is like amayzing and I feel like trying to replicate it or remix it will just ...not be honorable to the song so... I hope this is justified.

I have a feeling here is alot of EQ-ing probs..not for sure... some one jacked with the headphone sound settings so what you hear isn't what I hear.

I am so looking forward to hearing your reactions and comments and I hope that I am pleasing your ears! XD

I Hope You Enjoy!!!

Be Optimistic and Love Chicken!!

<3 Audiotool

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