Cover of track Harcore Hillary by naswalt
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naswalt, Harcore Hillary


Private emails, government information. I am above the laws of this nation. It's my turn to take the title president, and we will tax the living fuck out of the one percent. Young first time voters, look at me. I support vapor smokers, I understand your memes! If you want to see my emails then you'll have to show me your tax report. Vote for me. If I'm president, we will go to war with Iran. Vote for me. Forget about Benghazi. We'll take out Trump like we did Bin Laden, at least I'm better than Sarah Palin. Against Trump, We will win this fight, if my husband gets my slogan right. Make him bleed, Pepe's a nazi. Vote for me. If you want to see my email, then you'll have to show me your tax report. (some gay pokemon go to the polls reference.)

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    Fusion about 4 months ago


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    dove about 6 months ago

    still golden

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    pendragon`', about 7 months ago

    are you capable of speaking after recording this

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      naswalt about 6 months ago

      Yeah, it's pretty easy once you get used to it

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    low ego about 6 months ago

    WTF is that your voice too?

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    leadenshrew about 7 months ago

    33000 E M A I L S

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      xom about 7 months ago

      r e l e a s e t h e m e m o