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  • Nice to see some older work from ya. I even hadn't heard of AT yet when u published this :)

    Can't believe this is years old :o

    Still making this big emotional chill tracks. Keep delighting us with those tracks DR. torn

  • who!!! great

  • the 99% of the plays are mine... so beautiful bass

  • what did you use or the pad n the beginnig( at 0.10 specially)???

  • i thought i faved this track!!! sorry i miss it.... i lisen this track all the time with my eyes closed... woooooooooooooooooaaaaaaw

  • Exelente my friend

  • thanks robert that means a lot - and thanks all :)

  • This is so FU%&ING mindblowing!! What you saidabout lost love and the deep well, that's me 100%. Ive always thought of it as the big empty hole in my heart.

  • thank you friends <3

  • intriguing rhythm and very beautiful piano. awesome track, as always!!

  • This is amazing! i love this torn! One of your best :)

  • Again I wished we had a like button so I could like that comment below ;)

  • The Audiotool institute should give you an honerary P.h.D. so that we can all call you Dr. Torn or Doc. Sage. Great Work!!!

  • Fav. #114 : )

  • best!!!!!!!!!!!!