Cover of track heisenberg study mix #1 by jababen
  • about 5 years ago
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jababen, heisenberg study mix #1


- study mix #1:

trying to learn from the pros here...

took the first of the patches as a bassline and tryed to come up with a beat for it.

then took the scound patch and made a melody.


- original title:

heisenberg patches preview (will update)

- original description:

1) "electric keys nr1" +delay

2) "keys for chords" +reverb +delay

3) "noisy lead" +delay

4) "synthetic flute" +EQ +reverb

5) "HC bass" +exciter

6) "vibralead"

7) "fm pluck"

8) "cello"

9) "flute 2" - a better flute than nr.4

10) "detroit bass"

11) "mellow keys"

12) "bass guitar" +exciter

13) "reese" +exciter +phaser

14) "trance seq/bass" +exciter +phaser +delay

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    about 5 years ago

    i tried a compressor.

    that just cut too much away or didn't save me from clipping.

    guess i don't really understand - yet.

    (ya i did watch the toturial)

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    about 5 years ago

    had to change the volume on this one.

    how do you guys get it so loud without getting in to the red in the busy parts?