It's just another night in your home and your sitting on your couch doing nothing but scrolling through your phone. You hear a rumble and feel the ground shake. Before you could even move, it stops. You look outside and see nothing, then you look up at the sky. The air painted in red darkness filled the sky. Your heart drops, then you hear a noise from the back. The door bursts open with screams and moans of pain so loud your ears start to bleed. You look up from the floor covering your ears and see hooded figures around the house. You scream in fear as the devil smirks at you as he toys with your emotions. Your fate will be painfull and agonizing, because it's simply Hell's Fetish...

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    Zux about 1 year ago

    this you make these snths? or ar these presets??

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    Tonewarrior about 1 year ago

    I like the changes you made. Version 3 is much better. Nice one...

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    Crontex about 1 year ago

    I kept thinking "oop well im done" then i listen to it a littleand i say "oh thats not right..." then i fix it...