My first track ever created on audiotool, reimagined and revamped.

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  • When I get a chance I'm going to re release this with a faster tempo

  • This ones my first one I created when I joined audiotool, i didn't like it a whole lot, but I'm glad someone does

  • good work !

  • i like the start :)

  • My plans to start releasing more tracks got foiled, My computer died so the only time i'm able to check anything on here is at my buddies house.

  • Thank you very much ZOD4X I plan on having another track out soon.

  • actually not bad for a first track better then i did :) not clipping to horribly bad samples seem to be on time nice work man think it clips just a hair towards the end but lots of tracks have clippings like that and i cant really tell through my speakers if its bad so truthful from what i hear sounds great man ;)

  • keep up the good work man!