I can't make anything creative

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  • Hot dayum

  • what you guys do on here is mindblowing. this is outstanding.

  • pyo͝or krēāˈtivədē :)

  • Wait.



    Look up creative in the dictionary. It'll describe this pretty accurately.

  • This is great. Why do you need help.

  • then im never creative

  • wtf is stoping u clu?

  • this makes me want to produce on at again

  • If the vox chops were just a little louder ugh

  • Dude this has some major potential!

  • lmao so "not" creative this is amazing trap dude if anything those vox are crazy creative

  • >can’t make anything creative

    >makes this

    teq u blind

  • major lazor or nah?

  • i can't make anything creative either

  • Is very good, man