0:00 - 1:32

Ezdela wanders around the Purple Forest exploring the world she has been teleported to. The Chipmander had sent her on a mission to fight the Purple Beast ruining worlds.


Rumors had said that the Purple Beast is about 9ft and lies in the middle of the Purple Forest. It is called Violet's Death Grove.


1:33 - 2:26

You hear something in the distance, you clutch your sword.

Something jumps in your direction, you dont know what it is but you bring your sword out.

Then you notice, the rumors, the warnings it is all making sense now.

The beast starts running at you. Your sword blocks the attacks but it dosent hold. You trip on the floor. You find a rock and throw it at it. He growls and covers his face in pain. Then you hit him with your sword where the heart is.

It slowly goes on the ground.


2:27 - 2:52

You return to your world as your people cheer and clap.


The Chipmander gifts you with a huge amount of gold. "Well done warrior." he says.

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