Adult Swim, would prolly take it, You never know right?

But, anyway, I took a couple of hints from Offbeatninja123], He was the real inspiration, Besides Flying Lotus, I love how this is turning out for me.

Bump after bump, they are becoming better n' better.

So, tell me what you think?

Also, Jambam gave me some Pointers on eq'ing.

Cripta told me to take off that fucking limiter, and I heard ever sound better.

Infy told me that nothing should clip.

Offbeatninja123] told me to be experimental, so I'll know how good it will be when he hears it.

Solace told me to do my best and stick with it.

And My best buddy ever Neirin said, "It'll all come together".

I tried giving it that old radio feel, Like 1950s , then turned Jazzy Hip hop.

-Thanks Audiotool.

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