This track makes no sense

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  • You say this track makes no sence. You are correct. But that is what makes it fun to listen to. Good job. It works. It is the essence of Acid and Rave.

  • I saw the title andi had to comment....That phrase is like my teachers fav phrase :o!

  • :-)

  • Great !

  • Thanks for breaking the curse Astrum LOL

  • 39 favorite curse strikes again LOL. Never received more than 39 favorites on any of my tracks LOL

  • crazy good!

  • Yeahhhh!!!!:)

  • O.O. holy shit

  • love it...always synths madness :)

  • VIVA LE REBELLION .. Thank you for you Donation to the Rebellion arche that was solid bro ... All of us

  • wow great track :)

  • @oedipax : that's what happens when I try to think about turns into something crazy different :P

  • Holy cow! This is mad crazy Logan's Run dystopian 70s on fast forward!

  • @tornsage : I'm not sure it's skill. This is only part of what I hear in my head for this track. I can't work with it anymore on my computer, but I keep hearing more textures with the chords. Also I want more panning changes and vocal samples, but as I noted, it's too hard to work with now. This is just what I hear in my head, not what I have for skill I think.