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Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA. (I love this town!)
I worked in Radio from 1993 to 2006 doing mostly a Morning Show and production on WLAV FM.
I found out about audiotool in February of 2012. It was an eyeopener on what good design could do to music.
There are a lot of great people on here.
One thing I do like is the fact that audiotool is not as noisy as SoundCloud. Thus, I dropped the SoundCloud account.
What am I doing on here anyway?
This is a great outlet for creativity and collaboration. My idea is to make each track a different genre while exploring what experimental music I may come up with.
The large downer now is the fact is that I have a MIDI keyboard with a MIDI port hooked into the computer. Problem is: It works with every interface I have, but it will not connect to audiotool. If you know how I can, email me at: rolintim @GMAIL .com

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