changed the main beat, added a moving bassline, changed some synths. the original is just SO GREAT.

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  • Refav

  • Dude please check out my remix. I know its not very good but it would mean the world to me if you could give me some tips. Aye thnx

  • dude please post a turorial on how to make good synths like thsi one. please drop the link on my wall. aye cheers mate

  • sick man

  • I think ill make one as well

  • 2000th play!

  • Absolutely amazing

  • Very nice to hear

  • flying

  • C'est magnifique.

  • Very smooth

  • Astounding remix! Great!

  • Wasn't expecting to get so much in only 9 hours! Thank you all =)

  • Relaxing "blend" the station is filling up more and better tracks to listen!!


  • yes don't worry...same thing for all