All from audiotool. I used preset sounds of violin changing the pitch... enjoy :D

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  • beauty !!

  • soo chill and smooth great stuff

  • thank u all bros!

  • @opaqity i think because the time it's a bit slow... so you expect the note a bit earlier... maybe i promise it's at max lol :D

  • see comment bellow :)

  • beautifull one

  • No download?

  • Lovely!

  • that sounds like the minimum to me :p not the max

  • filter and amp are at 0.988 ;)

  • are you sure that's not the filter attack?

    make sure it's the amp attack that's up.

  • pulv and trast me it's at 0.988

  • no the attack isn't at max o.o

    is it a heisenberg or a pulv?

  • thanks for the suggestions bro

  • the attack is at max... i don't think it's that i will work on it