Okay. Dubstep time again.

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  • I like the buzz kind of saw synth you used. It makes the track :)

  • i love this! top noch dub right here! xD

  • check out my vocal mix for fresh beatz! featuring DJ Modify a.k.a. Nishith Modi

  • great

  • U never fail 2 make a good song man. Awesome job man.

  • Oh, this long sound. The way you finefix things is ingenious. I appreciate this plane flight. Great.

  • can u pls make a vid on how to do synth wobbles on youtube cause i wanna learn how to do this level of music

  • im attempting to remix this but i have a terrible coputer so when it crashes imma give up xD

  • Does anyone else think this is his 2nd best one? for me behind dubcandy

  • I loveeeeeeeeee this, HARD WOBBLES makes my speakers vibrate me whole room :)


  • Where is that logo from. I recognize it from somewhere.

  • complimenti bel pezzo

  • Thats dubstep ! , awesome track

  • amazing build up! good woobles, great overall.