Cover of track The Little Caffinated Tonematrix (T_man_3ryn) by T_man_3ryn
  • about 4 months ago
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T_man_3ryn, The Little Caffinated Tonematrix (T_man_3ryn)


I just wanted to make sure that I've used up all unused stuff before I publish a track with the new toys, so here is a track featuring three Tonematrixes, one Crossfader, one Merger and one Gate (ok, I just couldn't resist using two TubeD's for mashing up the boring sine wave a little, but who cares...).


After this I want to take a little break from Audiotool, but don't worry! I'll be back! Thanks for all your music and for being an awesome community! :)



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    about 4 months ago

    Hope you like it!

    The End is just like,"Woah"