Decided I am making a series of lofi songs that, in my opinion and experience, symbolize love.

Most of you won't get the same emotions I will get from these songs, since they are bases off my thoughts and experiences, but I hope you get the general idea.




This is basically a Love-Fi part 2, ig

enjoy, and stay safe <3


Imma also do a poem that goes with the title from now on



as it was

sitting, growing older

yet still i wait and ponder

the essence of a soul

the weight of the lies

and how the truth bears down on me

whenever i let her down

she hugs me and says,

"'Tis is but a accident"

I love you still

life will move on

as it was.


got #3 singles, even if it was just for a moment

ty all


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  • why does the piano sound so clean

  • 6.9k plays B)

  • still 1?!??!!?

  • how the heck did this get 145 likes-


    • 4k HD platinum 80-inch curved display

    • next milestone for me is either getting featured or getting a track with over 200 likes


      im not getting those for years xD

    • fr though! 4k???

      you guys are crazy

      love that though xD

      ty all for the love on this(regardless of the drum hate lol)

  • Told you you've made it farther than me. XD

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  • probably your most liked track from what i know of lol

    • it is <3

      passed it a bit ago actually!

  • one more person gives me shit about the drums, and you get muted

    im sick of hearing it

    i already muted @joemama_gmail_com

    im not afraid to do it to you

    • its cause its a sample, thats why :\

    • whats so bad about the drums. I like them. The open hat is nice and not too jarring. Snare as a nice slap and kick is clean

  • noice

  • If that is you playing the piano, the melody repeats smoothly with the drums. Every time I record my piano playing, it clips or the other sound frequencies get in the way. How did you make your piano melody so comfy and clean?:)

    • yes it is! ty for the compliment! as for the recording, jesus

      it took FOREVER

      theres this one feature on probe, though, called "normalize"

      very useful for making it not clip, or getting rid of frequencies i dont need!

      another thing that helped was i separated the chords and the melodie from each other in the studio, then eq'd and mixed them separately to get rid of unwanted frequencies from both, instead of having to mix them together

  • Great!

  • Niceeeeeeeeeeeeeee das really good :DDD

  • i just realized i was the 2000th play, congrats

  • Over 1000 plays, almost 100 favs...

    Gawd dam...

    • oh.



    • I typed out ‘almost’ as ‘over’ for some reason 💀

      Think Imma really need this hiatus

    • I say 92-99 is almost 😤

      And that was a grammar mistake by me 💀💀💀

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