on a solar morning

i witnessed

the twin stars


as they ascended_

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  • a whole 7.5 minute track of beautiful sound design and not a single sample used, not even for drums. you blow my mind dude

    also i agree with po9t those stabs at 6:08 are such earcandy!! great touch

  • what's your process look like when you make these giant tracks? I know that's a bit of a loaded question, but you make some really impressive stuff on here.

    • goated audiotool user

    • Also, I use the EQ a lot all along the process to always have clarity in the mix and leave room for more ideas without having to think too much as you'd have to with a crowded mix

    • Sound design is my first step, I always try to incorporate textures that I've never tried before. Synth after synth, I progressively build the sound identity of the track. Then I try to figure out rhythms and melodies that showcase well the sound textures. If the texture is good on its own, the note region doesn't need to be too complex imo. But for this track, I wanted to work more on creating interesting melodies and rhythms than usual, going away from my ambient-techno stuff

  • those stabs at 6:08 i’m learning how to do that right tf now

    • then chorus (30ms delay, 50% feedback, 5hz speed, 1% depth, 0% spread) and finally quasar (75% plate decay, 100% damp, 1370hz LPF, 673hz HPF, vibrato 1.42ms at 1hz, full dry with -6dB wet)

    • then Heis goes to exciter (tone 3511hz, 0% power, 58% wet) then to some EQ w/ 36dB HP filter at 240hz, 12dB LP filter at 9882hz, and -10.6dB peak at 3644hz

    • Heis with 3 unisono, 3-cent detune and 0% spread

      - OSC A Sawtooth Down, phase modulated by OSC B at 28.5%

      - OSC B Sinus -24st (0% gain, only used for phase modulation)

      both OSCs w/ pitch enabled +36st to +0st with 129ms attack time & 100% attack bend

      Envelope A: 1ms attack, 717ms decay w/ 75.51 % bend, 34.82 % sustain, 1010ms release w/ 75.51 % bend

      LFO B Circle 1/64 rate & 1/16 blend, restart and sync ON

      48dB filter at 33hz & 8.9% resonance

      Filter mode envelope A 95%

      Filter mode LFO B 40%

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  • Awesome

  • Very cool and spacey! Your sound design is getting better and better with every track!! :0

  • L'attention aux détails est assez incroyable :o bluffé

  • daddy cill

  • So glad to see you back how are you ?

    your music is always a balm for the mind

    • J'espère aussi ;)

    • J'espère que tu auras un peu de repos pour les fêtes en tout cas :)

    • Same mon ami, J'ai été très occupé au boulot et dans mes affaires personnelles également. <3

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  • This is very creative!

  • This is so pleasing on the ears


  • never misses

  • yesss omg

  • L'ambiance est sublime ! Je vois que t'as vraiment passé du temps sur le sound design haha, tous tes sons se complètent ça rend trop bien. J'aime particulièrement le coté mélodique ! Vraiment content que tu aies recommencé à publier :)

    • merci mec tu fais plaisir ^^ ouais j'ai fait quelques efforts sur l'aspect mélodique, histoire de changer un peu de la techno et de l'ambient où je me foulais pas trop à ce niveau ahah

  • Realy got the Entheogenic vibe! A well tagged downtempo track. I adore the melodic vibe and the combinations of soundscapes, gritty, spacious, low volume and in front just everywhere there is a beautiful sence of attention and musicality. What a way to come back, love it:~)