I feel like I have found myself as an artist. Hope this has that "vltra" sound, because I feel somthing very special about this one. DL this!

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  • jeez 4 years already

  • The atmosphere in this is phenomenal. I love it! Great job man (:

  • i remember this was the track that i found you on.

  • Luvvvv.

  • I was about to comment a "huehuehuehue" thing but I guess @navor did that first

  • This is truthfully amazing man, thanks for the DL n deff post new stuf on my wall anytime man!!! <3

  • hue






    good track man <3

  • <3

  • <3 thank you peeps

  • could use some better eqing and stuff, but the atmospheric production is just outstanding! i feel there should be some shuffly hats in the beginning, a little bit empty. maybe some compression and stuff...music though is awesome. beautiful work :)

  • This is simply stunning !! thanks to spam me with this kind of stuff !!

    You definitely got the "Vltra" sound ;-)

  • Man, You are definately skilled. I can hear some of your Future Garage skills too man, I'm more 2 step but, man I love it. Sounds like Flying Lotus. tbh. But your style, tho.

    Vinyl material for sure.

  • Nice chill track.

  • I absolutely adore the atmosphere in this one and the sound like always, is incredible.

  • sounds real nice man.