Pues basándome en un pequeño sample de Martin Luther King que tenía mi amigo Crazy bout u he conseguido pues ya veis... xDD Escuchadlo os gustará

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  • Ups, tienes un Fav menos e.e ahora tienes lo mismos que mi tema LOLOLOLOLOLOL

    The Wind

  • NOISI YANGUEL is on fire xdd

  • Todo lo que te enseñé y no he oído un mísero "gracias", abandonas a tu Sr Miyagi del Audiotool

  • Gracias. Me voy a meter de lleno con los synths haber que consigo

  • El sample esta bien pero necesitas trabajar un poco más animo, Saludos desde México! n_n

  • en un tema tbn usé ese sample de Martin ...... Muy buen tema .saludos

  • Thanks Oscar. I will try work with them... If i have a good work with a sythn i will told you

  • I like this, its a well picked group of samples :)

    Though in future like below, i would like to see some synthwork :)

  • I agree with Sandburgen i will try to work without samples... Thanks! I tried to somehow remember Martin Luther King... Thanks everybody

  • This should get popular. But I agree with Sandy. You used samples..... :(

  • I would like the track more without the sample. And I hate that this sample fucks me off after hearing it for twenty years now in several dance tracks. Cause it was such an important speech. Not any kind of "work that motherfucker" vocal thing

    Sorry but I had to shout that out finally ;) track is good

  • Not really my thing, but good job. You'll get better n' better.

  • good work mate sounds like a continuous build up tho needs some drops

  • Thanks Sprike!

  • Good job!