Cover of track I'm just another one by RoGiH
  • about 6 years ago
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RoGiH, I'm just another one


i decided to change the name of the song.

thanks for the tips Beathop, Alchemist and Archer3.0 .... I increased the volume a bit to not get hit a bit invisible in some respects, put some ''tape effects'' to not make it very repetitive and also changed the picture :)

This time, i hope you don't find many defects xD

if you like please comment :)))

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    oedipax about 6 years ago

    Very cool!

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    Olaf about 6 years ago

    I agree with Tophat, the synth at 1:54 instantly gives the track a good feeling, I don't really the high pitched sound in the beginning, it's too high. Good work though (:

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    RoGiH about 6 years ago

    Thanks,man! xD

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    Christ0boltz about 6 years ago

    Cool very cool and good now I will follow you. XD

  • User Avatar

    RoGiH about 6 years ago

    @tophat - is true, octaves and frequency can make a very difference, hehe!