Cover of track Inferno (ft. Impronix) [30 REMIX COMP] {CLOSED} by borderl/ne
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borderl/ne, Inferno (ft. Impronix) [30 REMIX COMP] {CLOSED}



No more than 3 Pulveresateurs

No more than 4 Heisenbergs

Stay close to the originally tune

You can change the already made synths to get a better sound if you want

Due Date: June 4th

!st prize is a collab and shoutout

2nd is a shoutout

3rd is a follow

Have fun!

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    xom about 2 years ago


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    drew White Medium Star on about 2 years ago

    Results please? :)

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    Clypeon about 2 years ago

    Yo Iceberg, on Saturday, is that when you aren't taking anymore tracks or that's the last day to submit the track? Thanks!

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    Budushcheye about 2 years ago

    Shit, I forgot about this

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    ☬Darkfire☬ about 2 years ago

    i may join