Part 1 of the Journey series, "Signs of Life" I compeltely threw out everything i had in the preview, comment with criticism guys!!


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  • Thanks, this is when I first started using the pulve, so it's not too great lol

  • Nice work codex. I still have a lot of your track to check out. It really takes time to listen to songs and not jump through them. I find myself typing a lot to keep me doing something while listening. Especially on days when coffee has me all ramped up. Nice song title too, it fits very well.

  • cool track.. like it!

  • Very nice.

  • very nice track!

    agree with torn too, you can never have enough drone :P

  • Thanks Guys :) i think one of the pulves is a little too far up in the mix, so when i go back in to remaster, i will see what i can do with the drone bass torn :D

  • suggest: put in a cool slow drone beat or something around 1:05 - a slow cool beat would go great in starts and stops from there.... -good work you are really sounding great!

  • love the synths :)

  • thanks for letting me know when it was done :) good stuff :)

  • cant w8 to hear full version

  • good stuff m8

  • this definetely has potential!

  • you could work this int a full track

  • I have been publishing a lot of short stuff lately, but i have been super busy, so more full tracks soon guys, i promise!!!