Cover of track intralude by opaqity
  • about 1 year ago
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opaqity, intralude


half a year and i only made one track :/ sorry lol

played some instruments on my keyboard & put this together, hope you like it. tell me if you do, don't etc.

hopefully this six months of silence won't happen again tho. thanks for listening

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    it's embr 4 days ago

    don't even @ me this is my favorite track of all time

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    Zerod 4 days ago

    refav but cooler

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    heisten 4 days ago


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    it's embr 3 weeks ago

    imo, this is one of my favorite songs i've ever heard

    including however much fucking music i consume

    and this song is only published on this website

    it has free downloads

    you can open it up and look inside

    am i the only one that finds this so magical?

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    ozne about 1 month ago