half a year and i only made one track :/ sorry lol

played some instruments on my keyboard & put this together, hope you like it. tell me if you do, don't etc.

hopefully this six months of silence won't happen again tho. thanks for listening

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  • still nuts

  • how amazing does one have to be

  • don't even @ me this is my favorite track of all time

  • so goddamn clean tf

    this is a pure classic

  • DUDE only jus realised ford sampled this damn wtf

  • I can't remember if I've commented before or not, but I just wanted to let you know that this is seriously sophisticated work for audiotool. The atmosphere is incredible. The piano intro, everything. The staccato strings in the buildup. It's amazing. I'm about this.

  • This is just straight up beautiful

  • I want these samples, that piano

  • refav but cooler

  • refav

  • imo, this is one of my favorite songs i've ever heard

    including however much fucking music i consume

    and this song is only published on this website

    it has free downloads

    you can open it up and look inside

    am i the only one that finds this so magical?

  • looodledoodledooooo

  • Hm, not a big fan of the strength of that sub. It also may be a little too far into the sub range. It's struggling to resolve well even on my ATH-M50xes

    • just the fallout from this, including noir and sim arguing over the purpose of crit later on

    • haha what, arguing over whether my sub was too stronk?

    • aa this is one of the most memorable moments in the past year on AT

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  • hhhh i remember when this first came out