01 150811_001 0:00

02 Bossa-Nova-Chill 1:03

03 150811_003 1:31

04 150506_001 1:58

05 160304_001 2:25

06 (untitled) 2:53

07 150923_001 3:20

08 160221_0011 3:47

09 160127_001 4:15

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  • This right here, is what music should be. It's got all the stuff I like.

  • saudade.

  • it sounds like the soundtrack of the portion of a hard working man's life where he finally gets to retire and enjoy the rest of his life with the people he loves most

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  • i need tabs bruh so good

  • This beat is amazing man! Has a hardcore chance the rapper and childish gambino vibe!

  • hey man is it cool if i use this for a free mixtape

  • true musician ship my friend

  • bossa nova chill is one of the best beat/chill tracks i heard, u should work on it a lot - i think, u can ez got on label with such stuff doe, gl hf:)

  • or something like that

  • it's happy but it's sad

  • all of them omg

  • looks is pretty sick in my books

  • i am genuinely sad to see that your account is on the way to the audiotool grave of producers that were amazing, but died to popularity loss

    thanks for the amazing tracks that i constantly re-listen to over and over

    you inspired me to make something out of this account and for that

    i thank you

    • i thank you for listening

  • This makes me really want to do audiotool songs with acoustic instruments

  • ismi