Hello again everyone! Inspiration has struck and I'm out with a new feels track! Roll up, turn the lights out, and let me take you back to a time in my life when I used to watch the rain.

Comment and Fave plz!

Edits: Made slight changes to the main synth, adding a slight delay and changing the LFO

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  • Sounds like summat 90s rap and rnb. Heck yis boi. This needs some struggle bars over it.

  • You're sound design improves! :D

    I can tell what you were going for, and I like it. :)

  • Very happy use for rain! aha

    nice one! :)

  • Sorry I didn't get back to you earlier I've been busy with school haha. However here I am working on papers yet once I played this song I had to stop and just listen. Seriously I really love this, it brought me back reminding me of whats what. So thankyou it was a complete refresher for me! I wish you luck

    • thank you so much! I cannot express how much supportive comments like these help push me to better! I'm really really glad you enjoyed it. Your comment made me smile, and sometimes when I'm feeling dejected, I come back and read this comment and it rekindles my attitude :)

  • Real nice chords!

  • @JerfBellino Yeah, I'm trying to build my sample bank some more. I'm not gonna be making anymore full tracks probably for a bit now until I build some more sounds up.

  • Hahaha the tag 420 xD. Great track, good to see you doing new genres! Only thing I disliked is you seem to use these certain kick and snare samples too much in your songs, and it detracts from the song a bit (other percussive work is really nice though).

  • that melody is hella hard very nice wobbles :)

  • thanks man! I wanna try to up my perc game. I'm slowly building a library of loops and samples :)

  • !!!I just thought of a new song name!!! Lol

  • Love the change on the main synth!

  • Daym son this is good C':

  • like the synths and bass

  • This is pretty kewl