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  • refav

  • refav...

  • Woahhh!! I missed this!

  • This is so amazing!

  • Thank you for reanimating this song! :-)

  • BEST SONG OF THE CENTURY!!!!! (By me and cripta)

  • Best song of the week

  • week ??? of the century ;)

  • iwiiiiii biwiiiii amazinggggg this sooongggg

  • unreal!

  • BTF. One of my favorite tracks of 2013 so far.

  • i love lali puna :)

  • Thank you, guys!

    @ Opie-M

    I like a lot from Massive Attack, yes.

    But my all time favorite Bands are The Notwist and Lali Puna.

  • This is so good .. its ready for a Movie soundtrack. Massive Attack influence much ? I'm with Versus ... Flawless.

  • Stunning track! Great vocal !