Cover of track joke trap song for school proj by abstract
  • about 2 years ago
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abstract, joke trap song for school proj


please don't notice this

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    Berserk about 2 years ago

    kinda reminds me of lavender town

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    abstract about 2 years ago

    it includes cats, whipping, breakdancing, locker slamming, ghost driving, lip syncing, a $10,000 dollar bill, calc puns, and much more so you won't be disappointed.

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      Vizal about 7 months ago

      what i thought it was saying bells

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    DarkDescendant about 2 years ago

    Link me it when you make it XD

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    sonic3ze about 2 years ago

    Fuck it, im mixing this

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    DosRico about 2 years ago

    this sounds like yee boi by luxior