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  • Not bad bro this bumps pretty good bro!

  • the melody is a bit too dead-mono imo, a lot of variation, which is good. Again, some frequencies seem a bit too loud mostly in the highs and in the mids as well, Id cut a bit from the higher mids mostly, because there was some unpleasant feedback in unnecessary places. But otherwise I didnt notice anything. Also the freqs are just my opinion for what sounds good to me. Overall I think this is decent, keep up the work!

  • Clipping?

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  • Dang forgot to join the invite but this turned out excellent with just two of you!

  • this track brings me joy

  • Agree with audiotool man, it has its negatives but its overall a pretty solid track. Melodies arent my favorite, thats more of a personal preference though. drums are mixed nicely, 808 is relatively clean. nothing is really that bad, i just dont think im into this one personally. solid work none the less from you two, i like the experimentation :)

  • There are disadvantages,but in general, the work is satisfactory.

    With experience,listening to criticism and advice,you will quickly solve your problems.

    one more thing,do not rush

  • Pretty cool. You should put that arpeggio melody at :32 on a new synth and make it 16th notes. Play it under the main lead.

  • nicceeee

  • like the kick and the bass slides right or am I going crazy?