In the spirit of compitition. All synths were created with the Pulv. No Hbs were used. and though i wanted to use some of the better Drum one shots in the AT libratry i ended up using my own Drum one shots. I arranged them in ableton and Made them into samples to avoid contributers, save CPU and maybe shave point deductions for originality.

this is my entry for the Klub Affekt, Instead of a cool back story, this time ill tell yall a little about how this was produced and my thought process behind this. First off, Club style has been my weekest genre thus far. I think i may have done pretty good with this one .. For me that is. This track is simple with a single driving melody and a nice pulsing synth. It didn not start that way for me. At first i had automations going every where on everything trying to be as technical as possible. In the end i figured that with a nice driving melody simplicity i think would be the best affekt. I say affekt because nothing about this was simple for me. The melody came easy the rest was a Super challenge for me. The simplicity of the sound for me is a nice affekt

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