Cover of track Keep the bass, the strings, and Pluto's beats by Sh4gg3/BoltPen Production
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Sh4gg3/BoltPen Production, Keep the bass, the strings, and Pluto's beats


Spencer A. Ceaser, nicknamed "Space-man", is asked by our sun to go into Outer space to figure out what's going on with the planets and their odd behavior. Space-man discovers that these planets are teenagers just like him, and they are in dire need of having 10 cc's of some fun! But while they are having fun, the real problem lies with a certain dwarf planet. Pluto is feeling as if he is being given the cold shoulder, so he and his planet start to leave orbit! If this happens the alignment of the galaxy will cause catastrophe, no matter what the other planets do! Join Space-man, and enjoy the music, as he brings the space-jams to bring the family together.

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