8/21 - made some changes, added some white noise, blah blah blah, lol. From 1:50 on is where most of the changes were made.

8/23 - more changes after 1:50 , better transitions

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  • I loved this song...just crabd's was better....I'm sorry....but you came in second :)

  • Good edits love the tuning and the noise! :D

  • Thanks man, had to break it up some, got a bit too repetitive like @(dormant) was saying

  • Love the new edit :)

  • LOVE THE BUILD UP! But a good idea is to maybe change it some more like tweak some knobs, add effects, add notes, take away notes, maybe add a break in there change the bpm etc. But good job over all :) and maybe have a part where the RB isn't used. Hope this helps! :)

  • lol, thanks man, glad you like it :)

  • This song kicks so much ass its not even funny-lol :P

  • nice job

  • Thanks a lot guys!

  • Rasselbock seems to be a nice tool for remixing tracks outside of audiotool :) Will keep that in mind, oh and awesome track and a classical song :p

  • nice one!

  • Ah yea...but nice work

  • cool sound :D

  • Yup, thats the rasselbock, well 3 of them anyway. Thanks :)

  • Nice use if the rasselbock here.....I think.....but nice job