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  • thats the sort of beat that dj´s hate because its so hard to sync. great track :)

  • Glad you like it, cripta!

  • fantastic , that's genial syncopate offbeat , or however it is called, seems like the track is slowing, but it's not :)

  • This was alright. I see that it has a Roman Numeral. More versions to come?

  • Interesting!!

  • and awesome. these sounds are really really interesting.

    nice one :)

  • whoa, this is weird!

  • I created the driving beat (and rasselbocked it to no one's surprise) but everything else is royalty free samples that Audiotool provided that I orchestrated with the Machiniste (also no surprise to anyone who listens to a lot of my music).

  • are these all original samples??? :P lol either way great song!! (or mix or w.e. lol idk /.\)