i got hair in my brush

suicide note never touch

why you always bring me down?

in class you always act like clowns

chivalries are all around


dont let it die

no intentions

no one wants a couple f*cks

always had a couple T's (t shirts)

wanna wear it like its free

all your friends sipping greed

all the things you never need

flying through neverland is always a dream

peter pan and cpt hook are all enemies

your always day dreaming through your thoughts and its worth it

dont forget your precious, cute and you know it

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  • keep forgetting how hard this shit is

  • i managed to miss this one but holyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy


  • flame

  • We need to collab someday

    "Maybe someday..."

    ~ the Magic Conch

  • could i get the pellas bro

    • True lol bet TMR morning

    • You can actually remix the track, just click on the recycle button next to the download it should say remix

    • fs bro thx my email is boemason11032gmail.com

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  • me and my late self wasnt here



    • Thanks! Means a lot!

  • thank you everyone for the support today, hopefully i can do the second track today

  • Republished

    upped the voxs