Cover of track tomorrow is gone. (w/ joe) by ag.
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ag., joe, tomorrow is gone. (w/ joe)



I realize this morning that my life is pretty grand

even if my bank account tells me that i have half that

I got a family that loves me, a cat that hates me

A Mom that calls me, and a bitch that dates me

Job thats easy and a mind thats pretty fucked up

a bike that rides easy and movies that get me choked up

Scooby doo, and the half blood prince

and that one where the dog dies like fourteen times

Life aint a movie even though we try and emulate them

and when it goes the way we want we seldom celebrate them

Im on some other shit I subject myself to life

Livin' aint easy but its pretty fucking nice.

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joe: Had a blast on this one for real. @ag. is crazy talented with the chops. 10/10 would collab again.

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