i wanted to be a little bit more experimental with this and step out of my comfort zone. IF YOU CAN GUESS HOW MANY VOCAL LAYERS ARE ON THIS- i'll give you a cookie. This has a lot of the same attributes of "never piss a poet off" just more gRuNge



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  • there r 13 layers on the main chorus, 4-6 layers on the verse, and an extra 2 layers on the final chorus. in total 34 layers of vocals fixed together throughout the track.

  • exactly 562,857 layers

  • 3 or 4 layers

  • Listed to this like 50 times but i think i got it now-

    3 layers




  • M Y S T X R Y

  • omfg

  • Gah dayum this is amazing

  • very grungy. i like it

  • Idk very much about this things but I'll try, there are 9 layers?

  • mystxry a goat

  • 😲😲😲

    God damn, this album is so f*cking good so far... every single last one of these songs better chart-

    • I don’t think they will but fingers crossed XD