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  • This one is my favorite!

  • very cool :)

  • Bam! Great stuffs! Should be Audiotool's initial template!

  • Woahwoahwoah

  • thanks for the support ;-)

  • My favorite of the series. Really enjoy the percs in this.

  • I think this is your best, should be played at Schnittstelle?

  • the beat is EPIC when the drums come in!

  • ya

  • thanks guys

    also thanks to Noraus for the great preset of "detroit bass" on heisenberg... with some effects and some KaTaNa's touch it produces a great bouncy thing !!

    @Snadbrugen : logic.... directly inspired by your and Olondro recent schnittselle's track ;-) perfect inspiration !!

  • isn't this a typical thing for a-record? i can imagine a crowd freaking out bouncing on this tune...

  • Yes! This is amazing! Sexy and groovy! could easily be twice as long!

  • So good!

  • I agree with Andre and Burgen.

    : ^]

  • my favorite of yours so far