Sandburgen set at audiotool:con 12th october 2013

Total playing time: 1:44:24

The tracks for my set on audiotool:con in cologne. Thanks dear artists for making them.

A reconstruction of the set will be downloadable on soundcloud in the next days. I forgot to press record again ;)

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  • This is kind of music, that makes me move my head side to side.

  • I wish I was at this party haha

    • old

    • not negative. just realistic and old. (ok negative)

    • Oh yes now I understand when you do music as a job its not so fun i get it.

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  • sooooo you're Dj too

  • Ahh good. The Laptop with the mix on it is broken ;)

  • oh just saw your last comment. thank god you uploaded it somewhere other than soundcloud haha

  • i lost this mix -_-. is it still available for download anywhere?

  • I agree

  • When I prepare for a club gig I chose mainly danceable tracks and for 45 minutes the buildup of White hole and Jackfruit where a bit to lengthy and z.n.s is hard cause of the 5/4 beat.

    I'm glad you all liked it. It was big fun!

  • Thom Yorke's voice is just one part of Radiohead which I would love to work with. There are so many musical aspects I could imagine to do something out of it. But definitely not my classical 4/4 club techno stuff. More like my chilly breaks things. Anyways after the intereview I was a bit ashamed about that answer ;)

  • Le Kraft brings back so many memories ...... ooiii I'm kind of sad your track "White Hole" didn't make the set!!! Or z.n.s. ...or Jackfruit T.T

  • Killed it!! I laughed when you said you wanted to play for Radiohead! I am still trying to imagine Thom Yorke's voice over your music.... Thom Yorke is extremely versatile as an artist so I know it's a definite possibility (;

  • i tuned in to this when i woke up. and oh man i had so much energy right from the start! absolutely loved it!!!! just the best. always love your sets. i hope we meet one day!!!

  • Great set dude, i wish i could have seen u live man!!!