audiotool ableton im duette

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  • thanks mat. I think so too at the moment ;)

  • definatly one of your best...for sure ;)

  • Republished

    the return of stupines

  • Republished

    last desausagify

  • day 2, i'm in for the 5th time...

  • wow thanks Kepz. Really honored that you like it that much. Thanks!

  • mother of mindtravel..

  • also im atheist

  • oh my god

  • Lovely. So many amazing elements, I cant pick just one to comment on.

  • amazing track my friend

  • how to mind-trip lesson.1

  • Nice track ! :) Groovy :D

  • I don't know what I'm doing myself. Maybe my headphones are good :) Thanks Tav

  • You seem to get the cleanest sounds from every track you create. I have no idea how you do it, but it sounds fantastic.