I <3 Madeon

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  • nearly 7 years old, still one of my favourite madeon remixes

  • 3 years ago, im about to cry

  • nice beat's

  • Forgot about this beast of a track <3

  • I would pay money to get this on my phone. Xav, please enable downloads. Or a way of buying this. It's pure masterwork <3

  • Madeon iz fav :l

  • For those who didn't know, La Lune (Original) was sung by Dan Smith, the lead singer of Bastille, with the hit single Pompeii

  • how does this have 17896 plays. but 6662 views.


    • if you play it off the charts/xavi's profile, It will not count as a view. You have to click on the songs title and go to the comments/description/similar tracks/you know what I mean area.

  • refav

  • dear god

  • the production on this is <3

  • Throwback

    I am still amazed by this

  • damn this is so good

  • Wow Sherlock, you figured it out! v v

  • maek downloaddd access >:(