So, here it is. My long awaited 100th track is here at last. You happy?

The track's title is a combination of "true" and "truth", aluding to this song's secondary theme of the "true self", which is reflected on both the miley samples and the cover art.

It was initially known as "the bass vibe", but I changed the title to "trueth" reflecting the context of the "she just doesnt want to pretend anymore" sample in this song.

Note that some mistakes might be or might not be found in this track. If you're willing to remaster this baby, please do so.

As always, sharing and feedbacking is appreciated. So don't be afraid to tell me what you think of this song.

Alright. See you guys, and Happy Holidays! Expect more to come, even if these are really short tracks. Saludos! -lm35/375 x=]

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