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Euphoria <3
My top 10 on AT :
1st : Sole Survivor
(A huge, powerful track by @Inavon just renember this)
2nd : Iucid
(Idk what to say about this.. thank you so much @opaqity for this.. <3)
3rd : Ghost
(by @looks - Luxior for old users ;p)
4th : Phast
( @SOLACE you can't imagine what this track is for me <3)
5th : Time Is Candy (with Ignapon3, Luxior, Almate, Teqtoniq and Kavil)
(by @SOLACE - @TEQTONIQ - @Cuds - @looks - @Xavi - @abstract - @Igna
6th : Off to Tokyo
(by @THRONE )
7th : Summit
( @Audial a huge artist)
8th : end
(by a god named @amoeba )
9th : Skull Kid - HA†E
(by @SKULL KID <3)
10th: this track is your track, because all of you deserve to be in this top. All of you deserve to be noticed and followed cause YOU are a part of AT and you allow AT to grow and to live everyday, so a big thank you to all of you audiotoolers <3

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