- unmixed

- what genre is this ?

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  • 390

  • this brings back memories fr

  • been listening since it came out lol

  • ay this is nice

  • wtf woah i bet your computer didnt even lag like

    you make such masterpieces from barely anything wtf

  • this is a BANGERRR

  • This wow I love it Tell me what I should do I'm thinking of making music on here so!

  • Bruv you still can't finish after a year? Sounds very cool!

  • this is like future lofi or some shit

    • or just light future bass

  • im listening this for about a year ;-;

  • the melodies in the intro remind me so much of animal crossing

    god this song is so relaxing ahhh

  • honest question why the fuck haven't u sent this to a label???

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  • forgot about this, im sorry

  • goddamn this is solid