beat was simply thrown together. made for fun c:

idc about it's mastering, tune, etc.

nah, i'm not dead lol. i just want to say i've developed a lot as a person and it has inadverdently impacted my music. i produce very differently now, and i don't even use my lewi astro account to publish on soundcloud anymore. i've started completely over. this time i'm taking my productions very seriously. not on here though... lol on here i'd like to just compile sounds and have fun. i hope i've left a real legacy though. one that i can talk about.

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  • yes

  • wtf i never faved this

  • Evolution.

  • I feel you.

  • damn this is good, i was wondering if i could use this (with credit) on a mixtape i've been working on

  • sounds like Thriftworks

  • im kinda late though, but i wanna tell u m8 that ur my inspiration

    u got a gift bruv

  • ever heard of the rapper "lewis is dead"?

  • Now, I've never really said stuff like this before, but I'm actually feeling jealous. This song is actually really good. Maybe someday, I can produce good tracks like this. Someday.

    • don't be jealous. it's just some of my art. make your own.

  • you act like this isn't anything and im loving it haha

    • really? damn, everyone is used to yang the trap-lord now

    • this actually reminds me of yang, and i like your bass work here

  • No man!

    Don't die now (I just discovered you).

    good work ;)

  • rip kms

  • link me the new one asap

    • i'll let everyone know at some point in the future

  • your loops and oneshots well always be fire

  • charted