Cover of track this one's for you (acoustic) by Dori
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Dori, this one's for you (acoustic)


Hey guys!

I know it's been a long time, so don't get mad at me....or at this track because I have no idea what the heck I just did. Like, what are some of these new effects or tools? All I know is that I'm going to have so much fun experimenting with these things.

I had to unfollow everybody because I was just a mess back then, but now I truly want to get into this audio production thing. I want to follow people who are serious in music just like I am or have potential to do something different, lol, so don't pressure me-_-.

Also, I really want to do a collab! Now that I'm back on here and my friends have been teaching me the new stuff on here, I want to expand my knowledge. So you don't have to ask just send me something :) *Goal* Not using any presets or samples of any kind, even my own...yikes.

I'm also loving this downtempo genre mostly because if any of you guys knew me before, that I'm a very depressed girl! At least that hasn't changed about me, but still I'm getting better, so let's look forward to the future!

Last, but not least...I've noticed that some of my friends are gone, so that's sad. Here's to hoping that Reyann or Alone makes a revival like me! ^_^

Penny for your thoughts?

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