Lunospayce from the album-'Tha Lunatix Project-LUNOLABTECH1-due for release -12/6/2018.

Original tracks from Lunatix(RSI tech 1)This track has a brilliant rythm section,nice percussions.intricate arrangements,earie sounds,melodic basslines,witty vocal lick from 'Top Notch Mc aka fiend(album-House of Rah).Tracks Like-Leaf to a tree,sedeng,kan't testa,loads more.Also look out for album releases from RSI tech 1-RAYCEAGENSTYME,LiteYeersAhed,The Syantifikal Era,Lunatix mini megamix,available in most digital stores.Plus keep a look out for the mini megamix from Lunatix(The Lunatix project mix).Also in stores,fizzy drinks,kontreavance,igneous,muzik park,via tech dor,RSI the ultimate mix,ships harbour,Originating from the 'House of the big beat',(nice like syrup',dangerzone),'Get down,'i need ya','get out on the dance floor',(FX),'King of a Thousand sons','cause',etc.The tree still grows from the core into a tree full of branches.Lunatix,peace.

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