you find yourself.. right where you started, the home you made memories in for the critical years of your life, the childhood that shaped your personality, the personality that brought you friends, the friends you had classes with, the classes that led you to meet your first love, the first love that brought you your first heartbreak, the heartbreak that taught you to fight for your happiness. It all started here.

But something is.. off. your memories deceive you. You remember parts of your childhood that never happened, you forgot eras of yourself that formed who you are. The vibrant walls fade to muted colors, your bed has aged just as you have, your parents want to talk to you, and you to them, but all you can say will be reflected off their photos. You've changed, your friends have changed and some have left to lead their own lives apart from you, everything that made you, YOU.. feels so distant and nearly fictional.

Now sit here and think.

Will you let your past change you once more? Or will you continue flying, continue soaring into a void with unwavering determination and hope to a future that you can't yet see? Do you fall? Or do you fly?

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