Tonight i feel 80' :)

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  • I can just repeat Shakey. Why? :) dirty 80s shit!

  • how did i ever miss this? Synthpop gold!

  • mi ero persa pure questa,bellissima conta!

  • yes!

  • oh my...really ?? lol

  • this one my fav from U

  • on, i agree with andremoda (this is my youth uuh was...hehe. really good my friend, love the vocal atmo and all.

  • ahaha yes...nothing special...but happy u like it !

  • Sooooooooooooooo good.

  • I've tried to create 80's tracks before and failed miserably whereas you've managed to produce one in 1 hour?!!!... I'm a bit jealous now, hehe.

  • hihihi quando ancora mi scaccolavo senza che mi dicessero niente

  • aaaah gli anni ottanta!

  • thanks all :)

  • I feel the 80s too. This is really good!

  • That's the one! ( yeh I agree)lol! :)