consider this unfinished.

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  • My favorite part has always been the kids laughing.

    p.s. I OPENED IT!!!!!!

  • I like the dripping effect in the background. It makes the song pop!

  • just realized I never faved this idk why I listened to it so many times tho

  • Woah! I missed this....

  • more

  • Really wonderful sounds. You have a great signature style/flair that makes all of the music you make or remix very exciting.

  • Something so simple, could be so great.

  • ahaha. I love the vid of your bearded dragon dancing to this. Laughed my ass off when I saw it :)

  • If u don't believe me that's okay.

  • aftershok: disagree on this ;)

  • Lemonade by Infyuthsion wins the contest for sounding similar!

  • your songs are so good that I don't believe in you sometimes...

  • nice pulling sounds.. like your style mate

  • your good at dubstep

  • Such great rhythm...very cool. And congratulations! :)