Cover of track Benevolence by MCT
  • about 4 years ago
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MCT, Benevolence


Enjoy. It's sampled, but a super simple setup. Be sure to check out the reverb effect that converts the pluck to strings. I'll won't be publishing this summer, but I'm always listening!!!

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    Wrighteous about 3 years ago

    Sounds almost orchestral in that quiet mid section! :3

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    Archon about 3 years ago

    Purty gewd m9

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    ExPe (Best Track WIP) about 4 years ago

    This is nice. I like the progression, really..

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    The B-ST about 4 years ago

    The is really nice!

    That summer vibe from the chord progressive is great!

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    MCT about 4 years ago

    Ran out of time to add anymore to this. If you want to, please remix this!!